Lancer Ltd.

Welcome! Below are some time and money saving tools that also further help customize your buyer experience.


VersaDoc allows you to easily customize your business cards and forms. If you have a number of employees, different locations, or a high turnover, then VersaDoc is the perfect
solution! Type the information into a  template, preview, and immediately receive a soft proof. This can be done from your home or office, at any time. Submit the order and you're done! No typesetting errors on our part, no set up costs for you to pay for each card you order!

Visit our full website to test run VersaDoc or contact us to set up a template for you!

Customer Portals

A portal is a personalized catalog of products that your company orders on a regular basis. From your portal you can re-order old projects,  make a payment, and even place new orders at any time of the day. 

Go online to our full website to test run a Customer Portal!