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Don't irritate your customers with a poorly organized newsletter! Let Lancer Ltd help you stay in touch and on top!

Lancer Ltd. is ready to turn your concepts into a professional, fun or informative piece you can be proud of!

Whether you decide on monthly, quarterly or yearly publications, Lancer Ltd. will help you to impress your customers, members or patients.

Here's the good news...Lancer Ltd. will do everything but write the content, we'll even take care of the mailing for you!

  • Retail Businesses

    Stay in touch with your past customers, notifying them of Monthly or Quarterly specials, and reminding them they may need to replenish a consumable product

  • Clubs / Organizations

    Calendar of Events in a Monthly Edition is imperative to keeping your members in touch and engaged! Contact information, up-to-date news and photos of past events are great additions.

  • Credit Unions

    Keep your members feeling important! Articles regarding financial news, Employees of the Month, special rates or promotional programs are important to convey.

  • Medical / Dental Practices

    Your patients are always interested in how to feel and look better. Your input into their lives is vital, and if they are receiving Monthly or Quarterly Newsletters from your practice, they'll take the time to read what you have to say. Your name is entering their home in a form other than payment statements!

Proud of our longstanding affiliation...and even more proud of our rating!